Your Images Are Not Adapting to Screen Sizes

IPS will automatically detect what type of device your customer is using. Whether it's mobile, tablet, or a desktop computer, IPS will deliver the appropriate image for that device, resized and optimized for that specific device.

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In total Image Weight

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Can you tell the difference? Neither can your customers.

Original Image size : 622KB

IPS Optimized size: 171KB (73% Improvement)

How does it work?

When you set up your account with us, you tell us where your images are currently hosted, for example, your own domain:
After your account is set up, we give you your own domain within our service, for example:
Change the domain in all image references on your site from to
Take the rest of the day off! Your images are now optimized and delivered to your users via a world-wide content distribution network!

Some of our clients

Easily Integrates with all popular platforms

support multiple

Customer Device Types

quality override

When editing a content block or CMS page, you can set up individual images to have custom qualities

max-width override

When editing a content block or CMS page, you can set up individual images to have maximum pixel width

extended quality settings

Customize quality settings for different devices for custom URL paths

adapt to a changing world

Set up pass-through rules for URL paths and devices as network speeds and global internet performance improves

Page load time and perceived site performance immediately improves upon deployment of IPS. Because of these speed gains, your site becomes more "important" and valued higher by Google's search algorithm. Mobile sites are even faster because there is much less data to download and it’s delivered from the closest CDN point to the customer, not from where your site is hosted.

Image optimization shouldn’t have to be difficult

Your customers expect your site to respond fast to their every touch and click, and balancing image sizes, quality and load-time are the biggest challenges facing our clients

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